Favorite Actions/Dramas of 2017

Hey guys! Here is the second part to my top shows of 2017! In case you did not catch the feel good list, here is a quick disclaimer- these are all shows I have seen this year, not ones that actually began this year.

~Favorite Actions/ Dramas of 2017~

In no particular order, here we go!

  1. Rick and Morty


While part of me wanted to list this in the feel good list, I know that this definitely does not fall into that category considering the topics that this show picks at and the intense level of darkness it can hit. It’s definitely one of my favorite shows that I have picked up this year and will eagerly wait for the next season! For now, if you would like to read my review on show, you can click the link here and get right to it!

Where you can watch: Adult Swim

2. Dear White People


Another Netflix original, and one that took me some time to finish. This show is unique considering the shows that Netflix tends to have on its originals line-up (next to shows like The Defenders and the Crown). It deals with racist issues head on, and also makes a point to cover it from multiple sides.

Dear White People is about an Ivy-League school, and the the lifting of the veil placed over it to mask the racism that is right below the surface. After a fraternity throws a blackface party, everything hits the fan, and that’s really where the show starts. It covers everything from police brutality, to racism, and sexuality. Somehow, though, the show manages to deliver this with the faintest hint of humor, and is definitely one of my favorite dramas of the year.


Where you can watch: Netflix

3. My Hero Academia


I. Love. This. Show.

Everything about it makes my heart sing! From the first episode I was immediately enthralled and fell in love with every character, even the ‘bad ones.’ I binged watched the crap out of this anime and is one that I highly recommend to everyone- from those that want to start watching anime to those who have been long time lovers of this field. If there is anything I am grateful to have done this year, it is being able to watch this show.¬†While this easily fits into the feel good category, it’s placed here simply because of the shows premise!


In the show, a quirk is another term for a power. Quirks are highly specific so it is not too often that you see two people with the same quirk. When 80% of the worlds population is born with a quirk you meet Izuku Midoriya- the part of the 20% who has no quirk and is the main protagonist of the show. The main character has a lot of heart, is very plain, and has one goal- to become as amazing a superhero as his idol All Might.

An incredible show, and is one I’ll probably be recommending until the day I die.


Where you can watch: Crunchyroll

4. Scandal


It took me only two weeks to be able to watch all the episodes available on Netflix, and even though I still need to catch up on this most recent season, I know I will not be disappointed.

The show centers around a lawyer and her partners who in short basically run D.C. and basically the whole country. Olivia Pope- the main protagonist, as smart and clever as she is has a personal life that is severely more disorganized than her work one and sometimes the two clash. Despite this however, her incredible intellect and partners always find a way to solve everything- for the most part.


Where you can watch: Netflix

5. Trollhunters


Anyone that says that this was made for kids and that it isn’t meant for 18 year old to be watching can fight me. If you’re looking for an action show that you can watch within a week and is appropriate enough to see around your parents or little cousins, this is the show for you. Dreamwork’s did an amazing job with the art of this show and it is incredibly enjoyable.


In this show created and directed by Guillermo del Toro, there is the world of the humans and hidden below the surface and beneath the knowledge of the humans is the world of the trolls. There are the good trolls and evil trolls, and the one bestowed with the duty of protecting the good trolls from the bad ones is named the Trollhunter. When the trollhunter dies, the duty is past on to a new one in a Buffy the Vampire slayer fashion. This works well- until the duty of the troll hunter is passed on to a 15 year-old boy that is barely passing his Spanish class and lives with his hard working single mother. A good watch, and is very action packed.

Where you can watch: Netflix

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed this list and if there is anything you would like to add feel free to comment or reach out to me on my social medias! Twitter NatJimenez16; instagrams NatJimenez16& myviewsfromMiami; snapchat bowtieger

Have good day!

xoxo, Nat


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