Favorite Feel Good Shows of 2017

SIDE NOTE- Hey guys! I’m sorry about being so inactive lately! I’ve had a lot going on personally so this has been in the back burner. I’m going to start positing periodically, once or twice every two weeks around Wednesdays! Thank you for sticking around, and I hope you enjoy!

2017. What a year you guys. Between the climate (both political and the literal), the next to last season of several shows, and the possibility of the rebirth of vine, this year has been very interesting to say the least!

Here, I wanted to divide this list up into two parts, so here is the first one! I’ve been able to see and enjoy a lot of shows this year, so I’m very excited to share them with you all! Disclaimer: These are all shows that I have watched this year,  not necessarily shows that actually began or finished this year.

~Feel Good Shows of 2017~

And in no particular order, let’s begin!

  1. Gilmore Girls

An oldie, but I was finally able to watch it! If you’re looking for something that can easily brighten your mood and also keep you entertained for a few seasons, you have stumbled across the right show!


In short, Gilmore Girls is about a single mother and her Ivy-League bound daughter trying to get through life no matter the curveballs that are thrown at them. Between eccentric grandparents, a father that is in and out of their lives, boyfriends, and a lot of coffee, the two stick together and are more like best friends than just mother and daughter. The show is set in small town Stars Hollow, Connecticut where you meet several different personalities that will both drive you up the wall, while also warming your heart.


Where you can watch: Netflix

2. Ouran High School Host club

I watched this gem back in April and somehow almost forgot that I had watched it. This show single handedly got me through Senior year. Just kidding, but it really did help brighten my mood. If you’re looking for something to make you laugh and is a relatively easy watch, I highly recommend this show!


This show is about a group of guys in Ouran High School who have a club where they entertain the females of the school. When what they assume is a male outsider accidentally breaks a precious vase that belongs to the host club, the outsider must pay back the price of the vase by working with the host club. The only issue with that is the fact is that the he is really is a she.


While there’s definitely certain aspects of the show that I dislike it is also important to remember the cultural difference, the age of the show, and the intentions of it! It’s very fun, makes you laugh easily, and should only be taken with a grain of salt.

Where you can watch: Crunchyroll or Netflix

3. Chewing Gum


If you like the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, you’re going to like this show. The main character gets herself into so many ridiculous antics that sometimes I’d have to pause in between the episode just to gather my bearings and understand how someone in their right mind can do what Tracey does. Then, I’d continue watching, and continue laughing.

Chewing Gum is about a girl in her early 20s that lives with her overly religious mother, recently broken up with her hypocritical and obviously in the closet boyfriend, and is trying to explore her sexuality. She works at the local food mart and has a best friend that no matter what, is always there for her. There’s only two seasons and not that many episodes, so I definitely recommend this show!


Where you can watch: Netflix

4. Big Mouth


The name is odd, I will admit, but if you watch it you’ll understand. Before I begin even explaining what this show is about here’s a quick disclaimer- there’s parts that are even more savage and out there than South Park. I remember there being an episode that literally made South Park look like a show for a five year old in comparison to this one. Despite this, it’s one of the funniest and most relatable shows I have seen in a long time.

This Netflix original capitalizes on adolescence and the achingly slow and brutal transition into “adult hood” and how that affects us. The show openly tackles the taboo topics of puberty, which is not something we often see discussed in shows, let alone being the main plot point. It is relatable while also playing on the side of whimsical, and allows there to be an open discussion on the feelings we had when we were experiencing puberty. Between the hormone monsters, talking pillows, and crazy siblings, this show has something for everyone.


Where you can watch: Netflix

5. Santa Clarita Diet


Is anyone else here tired of zombies? I know I am, except in terms of this show. It’s not up my usual alley in terms of Television shows, but boy did I like it. Netflix has been killing it recently in their department of originals, and this show is no exception to the reputation they have been building for themselves.


In this show, we see a bland, boring family is sent haywire when a mother and wife suddenly has a craving for human flesh and a heightened libido. Instead of being insanely dramatic, the show is written in a comedic format, which is why I placed it on the feel good list. Each episode is also fairly short so it’s easy to catchup on and enjoy. I highly recommend this show if you are enjoy supernatural shows but also would like to laugh and not think about the human experience too much.

Where you can watch: Netflix

Hey guys! Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoyed! If there is anything you think should be added to this list or anything you want to say, feel free to reach out to me! My twitter is- NatJimenez16; my Instagrams are Natjimenez16 and myviewsfrommiami; snapchat is bowtieger!

have a wonderful holiday season!

xoxo, Nat


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