Three shows and Three Reviews- Part two

Hey everyone! I apologize for taking so long to update- I just finished my first semester of college so I’ve been busy! However, I have been wanting to write again but have been lost as to what to do. So, here is another three shows and three reviews! In between study-sessions, classes, eating and sleeping, I have been making sure I make some time to watch different shows.

Here, I will discuss shows that I have recently either caught up on, just begun watching, or am re-watching and will share brief thoughts on them.

Rick and Morty- Caught up


No words can describe how happy I am that I finally have watched this show. Don’t let the fact that it’s an adult swim show cartoon fool you- this show is absolutely amazing. Not only will you pee your pants laughing at every episode, but it will make you think about the society we live in, tug at your heart strings, and make you question what exactly defines the good and bad. Something I didn’t know going in to this show? There’s only two seasons out. The good news? It comes back this Sunday! Now, let’s talk about what exactly this show is about.


In the most basic description, Rick Sanchez returns to his daughter and her family after fourteen years of silence and is constantly taking his grandson Morty on wacky, out of this world adventures. Rick is easily the smartest person in the universe. Oh yeah, on top of being a crazy genius scientist he’s also a raging alcoholic.

His daughter Beth and her husband Jerry have a failing marriage, and their daughter Summer- Morty’s sister- is going through her teen phase of wanting to be with the “in crowd.”


Overall? Watch it. No questions asked.

True Blood- Currently watching


Believe me when I say, I did not think I’d enjoy this show at all. I was scrolling through the different shows on HBO when I saw True Blood there. I’ve heard about it before a few years ago, and despite having an exhausting list of several other shows to watch I said- hey, what the hell? So I watched the first episode and it has all been down hill from there. I’m currently only on season 2, but if things continue the way the way they are at the moment then more than likely during my two week break I’ll make it a point to finish the show.


The basic plot of the show is that vampires are coming out from the shadows and are asking for the same basic rights as humans (Vampire Rights Act). Two years after their reveal and during their fight for rights is where the story starts, specifically in Bon Temps, Louisiana. It’s a small town where nothing much happens, except the one mind-reader that lives there and the fact that they just received their first Vampire. Sookie Stackhouse is a waitress in her 20’s in Merlotte’s bar and she also happens to have the ability to read minds. Here at Merlotte’s is where she meets Bill Compton, a vampire who fought in the civil war and is over 170 years old.


The accents on each of the characters are super thick, which shows how impressive everyone as actors are. Anna Paquin- who plays Sookie- was actually born in Canada and is from New Zealand, something you would never be able to guess when you hear just how strong her accent is on the show. Furthermore, all the actors and actresses  have such amazing talent, and I didn’t realize just how many people got their start with this show. Here are just three examples:

Deborah Ann Woll

Michael Raymond- James

Anna Camp

… And there’s probably a few more people that I haven’t noticed yet!

Overall? I’d only recommend this show if you are into anything fantasy, especially since it’s not only vampires. It’s very well done and enjoyable if you like fantasy, and it won’t let you down since it is an HBO show.

Blue exorcist- Watching, again


If you’ve read my Rin Okumura and Izuku Midoriya character comparison then you know that I’ve seen this show a few times already, but it’s something that I can watch over and over and never get tired of. I recently decided to re-watch it up to episode 17 of season one, and then stop there and see the beginning of season 2 as it was meant to be viewed. As expected, there was about one or two discrepancies that made the initial connection of the two a little wonky, but despite this the show flourishes.


Without giving too much away, Rin Okumura is the son of Satan and inherits Satan’s powers. When Rin finds this out, he sets off to be an exorcist like his adoptive father (whose a total badass btw) and his twin brother, Yukio (who didn’t inherit Satan’s demonic powers).  The show makes you question that fine line we draw between good and evil (something I’be been interested in lately), and the show is a gentle mix of humor and drama and actually had me laughing out loud at different points of each season.


This show is among my top three favorite anime and one of my favorite shows as a whole, so this review is totally biased. But as it stands, it’s just so amazing! And I can watch it on repeat and never get bored.

Overall? Watch it right away if you’re into anime and haven’t seen this beauty.


And that’s all guys! I hope you enjoyed these three reviews and if you did, please share it with your friends! Connect with me on my social medias and recommend new shows for me to watch: IG-@natjimenez16 and @viewsfromMiami, twitter- @Natjimenez16, and snapchat- bowtieger.

Have a great day!

Nat J.



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