Rin Okumura and Izuku Midoriya-Character Comparison

Here I will do a character comparison of Blue Exorcist’s Rin Okumura and My Hero Academia’s Izuku Midoriya. There will be some spoilers.

First things first, the initial idea sprang from my boyfriend who was helping me come up with something to write about next. However, he himself isn’t a Ao no Exorcist (Blue exorcist) fan like I am. One of my favorite things to do is analyze and compare storylines and characters across times, genres, and sometimes even mediums (look out for my comparison of the Blossom family to Edgar Allen Poe’s The fall of the house of usher soon!) so I’m really excited to share this one with you guys.

I went online to see if anyone else has drawn any parallels between the two, and I was slightly surprised to see that there wasn’t any. For the purposes of this analysis I will strictly be talking about the animes, and that I will be focusing on the blue exorcist second version endings rather than the original first season ending.

So, let’s start analyzing!

When the two were born until the beginning of their prospective shows, they either had no idea that they had a special gift or that they would one day receive one. Although Rin was born with the gifts of the Blue flames, he had no idea he officially had them until he unsheathed Kurikara which released his demonic powers.

With Midoriya, he was born without a quirk in a quirk-filled world. Things were really hard for him because of it, but due to his resilience and determination, he proved himself worthy to gain his quirk- One For All. Regardless, he didn’t know he’d be receiving it at all so it was a shock to Midoriya. So the similarities start with the two receiving incredibly powerful gifts, but Rin always had it- it was just sealed. Midoriya’s power was passed down to him.

Next, let’s discuss the obvious- they both have the biggest struggle when it comes to controlling their gifts. In Blue Exorcist, Rin is struggling to control his Blue flames despite all the pressure mounted on him. Because of this struggle, we really get to see Rin develop as a character and the plot itself thickens because of Rin’s lack of control and his pressure to do so. One of my favorite mini stories that occurred in this most recent season has to be when Rin was struggling to light the wick of the candle. It something that would appear so simple but because he lacks any control, is hard for him to do and really makes the audience connect with him.

With Midoriya, I’m still so incredibly frustrated that he hasn’t really progressed that much on controlling One for All in the anime (idk too much about him controlling it in the manga) but it makes absolutely any progress for him a big step. His fight with Todoroki that he STILL fought with his broken fingers was super painful to watch- I felt like it was my fingers getting jacked up. Anyways, he’s really struggling to control his quirk, but hopefully in the arc with Gran Turino we’ll get progress.

Both of these characters not only struggle deeply with controlling their gifts, but both face repercussions for not being able to do so. If Rin is unable to safely control his Blue Flames he will be sentenced to death by the Grigori, and if Midoriya does not better control his quirk his body will break apart because of all those mad injuries he’s getting.


Midoriya in his fight against Todorki, with his very busted fingers.
Mephisto fighting for Rin’s life in front of the Grigori.


Lastly, they both attended a special high school academy to cultivate their powers. In Blue Exorcist, Rin attended True Cross academy for their exorcist program so he could become one himself, and Midoriya attended UA to become a hero.

There’s a few other very basic similarities I thought of (their closest friends are females that are sort of outsiders), but then it would be far too generic when compared to other animes. So that’s it! Did I miss any? Anything you’d like to add? Check out my social media accounts (IG& Twitter @natjimenez16, Snapchat @bowtieger) and let me know what you have to say! Thank you for reading, please share this post with your friends and have a great day!






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