Top Four Favorite Game of Thrones Theories

“When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.”

                                                -Cersei Lannister

Hey guys! So Game of Thrones will be returning with its seventh season on July 16th, only a few weeks from the day I’m positing this. In order to #PrepareforWinter, I’ve been looking in to a a ton of theories, and have become fairly well versed in a lot- from the most wild theories to some that are incredibly possible.

So, I decided to compile a list of some of my favorite theories and share them with you guys! I’m not saying I believe in all of them, but they are some of my favorites- either because of their obscurity or their potential. Fair warning, spoilers for everything that has happened in the show so far, and some of these are based on direct photos from the set so if you don’t want any spoilers for the upcoming season don’t read on.

P.S. I did not come up with these theories myself! I’ll link the original videos and such for you guys to watch them so you can support these awesome folks. Also, these are in no particular order.



First theory- Varys is a merling

I know. I warned you that these would be pretty obscure. I originally saw this from the awesome Rawrist so check her out if you want more information. Most of the evidence in this theory is actually from the books- A song of Ice and Fire– so it’s most likely not going to happen in the show, especially since there isn’t a lot of time. But, it’s a fun theory to talk about nonetheless. So, where does this theory even stem from?


Westeros already is riddled with dragons, magic, and witches, so it’s not too far fetched to think that there are merlings too- especially since the people of Old Town talk about sightings of merlings. So, as it stands, why would the idea of merlings in GOT be too odd?

Most people tend to cite their evidence from the novels, some of these including Varys being said to have a ‘slimy smile.’ The fact this him being a eunuch would be the perfect cover up for not having any sexual interest in anyone- it’s because he’s not attracted to humans, just his own kind.

Okay, so why is he supporting Daenerys?

Good question!


There’s a few different answers people who support this theory have come with. One is the simple fact that winter is coming. The long night. And it won’t be good for anybody. What’s the opposite of cold? Hot. What gives off more heat than dragons, which Daenerys has three of? Nothing much, really. So, after the war and all the waters that freeze are melted, then that’s a whole new rise of waters for the merlings to dwell in and boom- they have more territory. They’re basically trying to make the best out of a bad situation when you think of it.

On to the next theory!

Second theory- Gendry is Cersei’s son

Don’t you just love delirious theories? I know I do, but believe it or not this one actually had me thinking really hard for a few days. The original video that I watched this theory from is RedTeamReview, so if you want more details be sure to click their name!


So, let’s work on the book evidence first. In the novels, it talked about how Cersei would sneak past her father’s guards dressed as a tavern wench so that she could meet Jamie when Tywin was Aery’s hand.

Next, in episode two season one we see Cersei Lannister talking to a distressed Catelyn Stark who’s son was still in a coma (all Cerise’s fault, but we’ll forget about that for now). Cersei- either in an attempt to not seem suspicious or in genuine remorse- talks to Catelyn about the son she had with Robert that she lost, a “black-haired beauty” she described him as. Black hair and not blonde of course because in the Baratheon line the “seed is strong.”


Straight after that scene though, the screen cuts quickly to that of a blacksmith working on Arya’s needle. The people who edit and produce Game of Thrones make sure everything is put together for a reason and a prime example of this would be in the most recent season when this was done to show us that Jon Snow is indeed the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryan. It could (and probably does) mean nothing, but it could also actually mean something. When we first meet Gendry, he himself is the apprentice of a blacksmith, so maybe that was an attempt of the show runners giving us a small hint that the child did not die?

Here’s where the theory comes to play and gets a tad bit tricky.


While we know that at points later on down the road Cersei was willing to have abortions because the thought of having Robert’s children disgusted her, this child was conceived when Cersei still had feelings and hope for her and Robert. It was during her pregnancy though that she realized she couldn’t bear to raise his child. So, when King Robert went off on his hunting trip and Cersei birthed the baby, with the help of Maester Pycelle, they switched the living baby boy with a dead one to trick Robert in to thinking she had birthed a still born.

Baby swaps have happened before in the world of Westeros by the way. Varys confessed in A Dance with Dragons to having switched Rhaegar Targaryan’s son with another baby shortly before the Mountain killed Rhaegar’s family.

Not even a little convinced yet? Here’s one more piece of the theory for you to mull over.


Gendry grew up as a peasant in Fleabottom, but managed to get an apprenticeship with one of the most high up blacksmiths in King’s Landing. We know that Master Mott took the boy in because a mysterious man paid him double the customary apprentice fee, the man concealed his identity, and from this and the scene alone we naturally drew the conclusion that it had to have been Robert. But, what if it was Varys or Maester Pycelle doing this deed for Cersei?

Third Theory- Arya and Gendry will end up married

Speaking of Gendry! I feel like this is a pretty well liked theory, but it’s not really obvious. I’ll start off by saying that while Arya could definitely marry Gendry, I could easily see her not getting married or settling down. Either way, I’d be happy because Arya is such an awesome character. I saw this video from Talking Thrones, and they post a ton of content so be sure to check them out!


Arya was always a wild spirit, and was often compared to Lyanna Stark in that sense. Ned Stark understood this in his daughter and often entertained her, even going as far as to get her sword lessons. However, despite this, Eddard makes sure she knows that in this world, women don’t have many options. Arya of course, being a stubborn soul said that the world he painted for her was not her world, and belonged to Sansa.

Knowing this though, don’t you guys remember when you were little and grossed out about possibly getting ‘cooties’? The concept can be applied here, and Arya has grown up a lot from season one, from being a scrappy little girl to being a trained assasin. So, even though I could totally see her living on her own and being free, I can see her settling down, and part of the reason I see this is because of her DireWolf- more specifically, her Dire Wolf’s name.

We know that the paths of the Starks and their lives are tied in with the fate of their Direwolves, so pulling from the life of the actual Nymeria isn’t too out of the ordinary. Nymeria Martell is known as the warrior Queen, not because she actually fought in the battles, but rather because she was a skilled General.


Nymeria Martell was also married to Lord Mors Martell, so it would’t be too far-fetched to think that Arya would get married herself. Another hope besides the fact that Arya-Gendry shippers would be over joyed, is the idea of all the major houses joining and thus “ending the feuds” or whatever. Basically, their ideal world would be Daenerys and Jon getting together, Sansa and Tyrion reuniting, and Arya and Gendry getting married. As happy and fun as this sounds, you have to be sure you remember the Ramsay quote and come back down to earth.


Regardless though, we are going to see Gendry return this season, so I’ll leave you here with his photos from set.


Fourth Theory- Sansa will sit on the Iron throne

Don’t shoot me, but I’m okay with this one. When I first met Sansa- and I think most people can I agree with this- she was a blind, annoying, ignorant little girl who I totally would be okay with getting sliced off the show. However, throughout the past six seasons, she’s grown so much. she knows how to play the Game of Thrones now, and will grow into a major player as these last two seasons close, and potentially sit on the Iron Throne. I got this theory from Amanda J. who made the most incredible video on how the Game of Thrones universe pulls from history, and how according to this, it would make the most sense for Sansa to win the game.


Before I discuss the Tudor history, let me talk about George R. R. Martin’s quote about how the stories will end.

“I think you need to have some hope…we all yearn for happy endings in a sense. Myself, I’m attracted to the bittersweet ending. People ask me how Game of Thrones is gonna end, and I’m not gonna tell them … but I always say to expect something bittersweet in the end,” he [Martin] said. “You can’t just fulfill a quest and then pretend life is perfect.”

Bittersweet. I’ve thought about this quote a lot (he said the quote in TIME magazine), more than I care to admit, so I’ve come up with a few bittersweet solutions and Sansa being the one coming out in the end is both very bitter but also a little sweet. So now, on to the actual theory.


The War of Roses (1455-1487) inspired Robert’s Rebellion, and was a war between the Yorks and Lancasters. Do those names sound familiar? They should. The Tudor era in English history has strong connections to Game of Thrones, everything from the rule of a “Mad King”, to a King once strong turning in to a fat slob, an evil coward of a King, and a by King. The Theory ends with Elizabeth of York, who is very alike to Sansa. I’ll leave you to a link of that description here that compares book Sansa to her.

All I’m saying is…. Watch out for Sansa yo.


I warned you guys that some of these would be crazy! While I don’t believe in all of these, they sure were fun to write about and share with you guys. Thank you for reading this, and be sure to share it with your fellow GOT fans! Do you have any theories you’d like to share? Follow me on twitter or instagram (@natjimenez16) or snapchat (@bowtieger) and send it on over!




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