Rico Pan Restaurant Review

Review of the restaurant located in 18400 NW 75th Pl, Miami, FL 33015

It was a Friday night. My boyfriend and I had both been in this shopping center plenty of times because our favorite smoothie place- Ara Vita– resided in the corner. However, we were both craving pizza and remembered within that small shopping center was a pizzeria. We had tried looking up the menu online to see what to expect when we got there, but they had no website and only a Facebook as far we could see (we later found that there was an instagram too)- but there were several promising Yelp! reviews, so we went in with fairly good expectations.


We walked in and were pleasantly shocked with what we saw. We both has expected a little hole-in the-wall take-out style restaurant, but instead were greeted with a full sit-down style eatery. The tables themselves were also very well decorated, and we were immediately handed our menus (I’ll attach a photo of the menu at the end) and asked what we wanted to drink.

The Decor of the table.

The cups were cute, the napkin stand was cuter, and the overall decoration of the restaurant were the cutest. So at this point, our expectations for the food were fairly high.

For an appetizer we had ordered garlic rolls, and for an entree we got a split pizza, my significant other’s half being meat lovers’ and mine being green peppers, tomatoes, and meatballs. We were pre-warned that the pizza would take thirty minutes to make, and as slightly agonizing as that was- their estimate was pretty spot on. We had to wait about twenty minutes for the garlic rolls- and they were really good, so I highly recommend grabbing them if you decide to go.


The pizza we ordered was only medium sized, but it was bigger than we had initially anticipated. The only issue with the pizza was the overwhelming amount of meatballs packed onto both sides.

The Pizza Yosbel and I shared, his was the left and mine was the right.

It reached a point to where I ended up having to remove some of them just to be able to actually enjoy the pizza, but after that, it was a good meal. At this point though it was almost eleven and since we’re both old we were too tired to grab churros for dessert.

Final Verdict: It’s definitely a good place to try if you are not in a hurry or it’s not too late for you. The food is really good, the staff is nice, the ambiance is pleasant, and is a place we plan on going to again soon.

Thank you for reading this review- I hope you enjoyed! Be sure to follow me on my twitter, instagram (@natjimenez16), and snapchat (@bowtieger). Let me know if you pass by here and how your experience here goes! As promised, here is the menu!

xoxo, Nat

IMG_9903.JPG IMG_9904.JPG



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