Three shows and three reviews

Here, I discuss the three most recent shows I have completed/ caught up on. 

Starting a new show is great- except when it only has one season with 12 episodes. Because of this, I usually try to spread out my viewing experience- strong emphasis on try- and even then finish the series off in less than a week with a ridiculous amount of questions and a lack of answers.


I know, infuriating. But, now you can join in on all the internet forums about the show early, and not jump in late in to season 5 when most people have either given up on the show or are too deep to escape.

Anyways, some of the most recent shows I have watched lately fall into this category, so I hope we can grovel about it together!



I originally found this gem because posts about it kept appearing on my instagram discover. Riverdale is based on the Archie comics (for those that have never heard of these, keep an eye out for them in your local supermarkets check-out lane right by the national inquirer) and has the most famed of their characters including Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Josie and the Pussycats, and more.

That was all I knew going in to the show, and it definitely enhanced my viewing experience. Riverdale is a dark twist on these classic comics, and fits perfectly alongside other teen mysteries like Pretty Little Liars and 13 reasons why. The storylines in the show are all complex without getting too over the top, and the depth within the main characters is very well executed and believable. Plus, let’s not forget that Cole Sprouse has returned to acting, portraying the character Jughead Jones.

While, the storylines are great, the actors are good, and sets are well done- it’s difficult to overlook that some of these characters are so annoying.d901c4af9a315b0344baf5136e26bfc634072237_hq.gif

While they don’t start off this way, Archie and Veronica snuck under my skin to annoy the jesus out of me. Veronica never stops making rich girl jokes. Never. Not even towards the end of the season. In fact, I feel that as the season progressed, her jokes got increasingly more annoying. And Archie… Let’s move on to the next show.

Attack on Titan

One of my favorite animes, and one that I’m caught up on. This show is perfectly morbid and horrifying as well as having the ability to deeply resonate with its audience. The main plot is that the world is overrun by human eating Titans, forcing the small leftover amount of humanity to hide behind 100- foot wall. The wall stands for 100 years until the first layer is stomped through, which is where the series begins.

Meet Eren Jaeger, the boy who’s determined to destroy all Titans.

I’m caught up to the most recent episode is season 2, and because of it’s gruesome nature it could definitely entertain someone for at least two weeks. The characters are raw, the reactions to most situations presented in the show are not forced or fake, and the art style is to die for. I highly recommend this show to anyone looking for a dark show to watch this summer, but if you’re afraid of blood or losing your favorite characters please do tread lightly.

In conclusion though, the concept is one that has been done before but because of the depths the characters have and the way everyone in the show behaves, it gives off it’s own unique feel. Plus, this most recent season is amazing- those Titan fights? I live for them.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


Sometimes when I watch shows, I come up with my own genre for them and place them accordingly. Kimmy Schmidt falls under the category of pointless comedy. Not pointless in a sense that I don’t like it because it makes no sense, but pointless in a sense that I love it because it makes no sense.

The characters are hilarious, the storylines are wild, and the main focal point of the show is insane. It’s about a girl named Kimmy Schmidt who was kept in an underground bunker for fifteen years by an insane Reverand alongside three other girls and is finally free. How could that be funny? You’ll just have to watch and see.

After watching at least two dramas in a row I always make sure I watch a comedy afterwards to help brighten my spirits. So, thankfully, after catching up on those first two shows, I had the most recent season of Kimmy to look forward to. There’s no way you can feel sad after watching Kimmy- it’s impossible.

Bonus- her best friend Titus goes “Lemonade-ing” and you can’t miss it.

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed, and thank you for reading ❤️


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