On to the next chapter…

To quote Bowling for Soup, “High school never ends,” no matter how much we want it to. Regardless, graduating from high school is still an honor that not everyone is lucky enough to achieve (which is okay! Not everyone has to go to school like society forces you to believe- joining the work force at a young age is an accomplishment in itself too!). As I edged closer to my graduation day, I began to really ponder what I wanted to get out of my life.


I knew I wanted to help people through psychology, and that possibly one day I’d even go in to politics, but even knowing this, I knew I should be wanting more from life.

When I was younger, I loved writing. It was a passion of mine and still continues to be, although I don’t get to do it as often as I used to. I decided that in order to continue going exploring this passion, that I should start a blog. The main issue was, deciding what it would be about.

I liked a lot of things. Make-up. My dog. Tv Shows. Food. The list was endless. So, I decided to encompass all my passions, and write about what I see fit to talk about in my daily life.


If you choose to continue reading these blog posts as I create them, I appreciate you dearly. However, I am writing these posts for one person- myself. So thank you for following me on my next chapter in life, and I hope to see you again soon!




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